Use Workflow to Streamline CRO Data Management

April 9th, 2024

Collaboration between Pharma/Biotech companies and CRO's has become an essential component of the drug discovery process. Data sharing between collaborators poses significant challenges to the security and efficiency of joint projects. Scilligence will host a seminar to discuss these informatics challenges and present our out-of-the-box solutions to the data sharing problem. The presentation will feature a live demo of three typical example request workflows between the project owner and its CRO partner(s), powered by our scientific informatics platform.

This is a hybrid event, which will be hosted at the Scilligence office in Cambridge (625 Mount Auburn St Suite 203, Cambridge MA 02138. Parking is free.) A Zoom link will be sent to respondents who opt for virtual attendance.

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RegMol 7.2 External Release Notes

March 15th, 2024

Assay Protocols and Views

  • Protocol columns (admin feature): Can use a dictionary list for the items list when using select column type
  • In Add Assay Results page: The ability to Hide Blank columns in this page can be added with a configuration
  • Protocol columns (admin feature): The Assigned Protocols column has been moved to a child table to improve the usability and space management of this table
  • Assay View function change: When using the Download All function to download assay view results to CSV or SDF, the user must click the save button first to save the assay view
  • Assay View: removed limitation on upload of more than 1000 entities

Cross-application Integration

  • Registration and Inventory database and GUI alignment: Registered entities in RegMol and the corresponding Products, Lots and Containers in Inventory are synchronized.
  • Swagger page/API key additions and general improvements
    • Plate Maps list and save
    • Parent check will recognize invalid structures and return a message


  • Improved messaging:
    • In an integrated system (ELN or Inventory integrated with RegMol) if a user or project does not match in one of the apps, the pop-up message will indicate which app is causing the permission block when pushing entity information
  • Improvements to language detection:
    • The system can now recognize an Entity Type if written in Chinese characters
    • Improvements to Chinese and Korean characters display in CSV downloads from the Cart page
  • In the RegMol Cart Parent and Batch ID's are now clickable links to the entity page
  • General text visualization improvements when using Dark Mode
  • Admin Feature: A full-screen option is added to Structure Editor in the Update Structure/Sequence dialog to allow better visualization of larger sequences/structures
  • The structure views are harmonized across RegMol for example in the Cart page and Project Portal structure images will display as the same size
  • Parent Entities MW column: Improvements to MW display so that the numbers are now right justified
  • UI clean up
    • Removed unnecessary icons
    • Replaced grid filters with column sort

Search and Explorer

  • Improvements made for:
    • Query speed
    • Standardizing Search types e.g., adding atom level search to Advanced Search

HELM and Enumeration

  • Improved messaging for denoting special characters in HELM monomer symbols

Entity Types


  • Streamlined entity forms by removing unnecessary fields
  • Bulk upload improvements by aligning Single and Bulk Registration mapping fields
  • Informational messaging improvements for ADC component connection registration process
  • Provided capability to register No-Structure ADCs. Three use cases:
    • No Structure at all
    • No Sequence Antibody
    • No Payload Structure


  • Translate and display the amino acid sequence of a highlighted coding region of DNA entry


  • Added the ability to update a parent sequence using the Admin> Data Management> Update Structure/Sequence


  • Added more size unit options for containers
  • Parent Explorer page: Ability to add Custom Column filtering (with configuration)
  • Registration Form UIUX: For an existing compound having an External ID, the External ID field is empty on the registration form when creating a new batch
  • Registration UIUX improvement: When sorting by Parent under the Project Portal user can choose to show only parent entities (with configuration)
  • Added the ability to allow RegMol users with Manager privilege to edit an entity registered by another user

ELN 7.2 External Release Notes

March 15th, 2024


  • Admin level Instruments page and the Materials page: The count function is optimized
  • Additional API documentation added to Swagger page
  • Added ability to use special characters (@, #, &, etc.) in Project names
  • Improvements in Project Shared Folder functionality


  • The layout of pages with navigation trees is enhanced by aligning tree and table headers
  • Improvements in the readability of Information and Error messages
  • The placement of menus and dropdown menus will auto adjust to the screen space
  • Improvements to page navigation by scroll bar
  • Improvements to table filtering options
  • Improvements to Small Card view on Main page
  • Improvements in ELN labels translation to Chinese characters
  • General icon fixes


  • Improvements to the Choose Availability connection between SSR form and Inventory
  • Single Dose Screening form: Improvements to Plate naming in ELN form and name tracking in RegMol Assay database


  • Enhanced login functionality for users with multiple accounts on page time-out
  • The Copy Experiment icon in the Main List page can be hidden (with addition of a configuration key) upon request
  • Project security is added by default for Co-Author feature

Experimental Templates

  • My Reagents feature improvements: can process and display larger Macromolecules and Polymers
  • Protein Expression: improved disulfide bond addition and display
  • Weigh Station connection improvements
  • In pre-formatted text Free-Form templates, the option to clear text  in “yellow text” area has been enabled
  • Time stamp added to experiment creation date
  • Decimal points for density calculation can be adjusted
  • Single Step Reaction: Can now capture temperature and time ranges in procedures 
  • Flex form: Table of contents added
  • Added Audit Trail information to PDF downloads
  • In text areas where checkboxes are added, a preferred checkbox indicator can be customized


  • Improvements to searching within nested experiments for non-admin users
  • Added ability for searching titles with special characters
  • Improvements to Fuzzy search capabilities
  • Improvements for searching with Chinese characters

Inventory 7.2.0 External Release Notes

March 11th, 2024


  • Location types are now dictionary defined and can be editable for admins from the settings menu.
  • Location changes can be reverted.
  • UIUX improvements to Location tree display (OK Button).
  • Location Page should only show containers with location (when clicking root location).

Products, Lots, and Containers

  • Added expired days filter on lot level.
  • Low amount indicator on locations page now supports mass units.
  • Streamlined Plasmid form, removing unnecessary fields.
  • Improved messaging to indicate when there is insufficient quantity to perform a split
  • Allow multiple packages in one grid cell location.
  • SDS field changed to upload file type by default.
  • Chemical Lab Safety link can be enabled on request with a configuration.


  • Added workflow counts indicator.


  • First row in containers table is automatically selected if there is only one item.
  • Show Progress animation on Container table in all pages besides Products page.


  • RegMol and Inventory integration improvements- Actions in one app are mirrored in the other.
  • History pulls from RegMol to Inventory when apps are integrated.