Scilligence 6.7 Release Notes

ELN v6.7.0 Release Notes

  1. Hybrid Free Form – only actual data can be pushed to RegMol.
  2. Improved Registration and Inventory integration
  3. Improved Study Report
  4. Updated Protein Purification template
  5. Improve Curve Assay template
  6. Improve security integration, including OKTA and Azure
  7. New file previewer
  8. Improved HELM features
  9. JSDraw supports Pictures
  10. Able to set colors to individual HELM monomers

6.7.0 Inventory Release Notes

  1. Improved compound management workflow
  2. Improved searching
  3. CAS integration
  4. Improved compound requisition workflow
  5. Improved bulk importing

 Release Notes for RegMol

  1. Improved bulk registration
  2. Improved admin tools on data curation
  3. Improved chirality check
  4. Support parent/batch synonyms
  5. Improved HELM registration
  6. Clean up for HELM-atom/bond hybrid structures


  1. Improved workflow engine
  2. Improved document management
  3. New file previewer


  1. New file previewer
  2. Improved RESTful APIs