Reagent & Chemical Vendors

Enable structure search on vendors’ websites, keep track of reagents and chemicals, manage data and projects, increase revenue, and control cost with tools such as JSDraw, DevSuite, Scilligence Inventory, Scilligence ELN, PMF, and CDS. 

Scilligence ELN – Vendors will keep track of in-house synthesis and protect their intellectual property with our web-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). The state-of-art search functions allow vendors to find reactions, chemical structures, and data quickly.

Scilligence Inventory – Vendors can manage reagents and chemicals with our intricate Inventory system. Inventory allows users to keep track of MSDS and informs them about stock availability. Inventory’s tracking, purchasing, and shipping abilities make stockroom life easier.

PMF – Scilligence’s Project Management Framework (PMF) keeps track of project tasks, timelines, documents and emails internally, domestically, and internationally. Our PMF tools allow users to highlight issues related to a project and collaborate to find solutions. PMF’s powerful workflow engine streamlines processes and data exchange in R&D and production environments. Flexible CRM module in PMF provides end-to-end client relationship management and cost control to ensure successful project delivery and profitability.

JSDraw and DevSuite – JSDraw and DevSuite enable chemical and biological structure drawing and searching on vendors’ websites. This optional touch operated software is cross-platform and has no java dependency.

CDS – Compound Database Service (CDS) offers out-of-the-box structure search capabilities on your company website in conjunction with an easy-to-use shopping cart solution. It provides your customers with a quick and easy way to find products in your catalog from any device.