Products such as Scilligence ELN, RegMol, Scilligence Inventory, PMF, Scilligence SDMS, TouchMol4Office and MedChem Suite allow CROs and CMOs to manage data and improve collaboration with their clients. Scilligence’s tight security control ensures protection of client’s IP.

Scilligence ELN – CROs and CMOs will stay organized, collaborate, and save time with our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). Share any and all data in real time and keep clients happy instead of sending static weekly updates by email! ELN’s collaboration tools allow clients to suggest changes and modifications. This software’s various levels of control ranging from user to project-based access, keep intellectual property fully protected.

RegMol – RegMol’s user and project-based control helps CROs register small molecules or biologics with a unique ID after its synthesis directly from our ELN. It can further input and manage associated biological and analytical data, which can be accessed in real time.

Scilligence Inventory – Inventory helps with carefully barcoded, categorized control of molecular entities in regards to sample management and shipping. CROs can easily manage synthesized compounds or purchased reagents with this platform. Inventory allows users to keep track of COA and informs them about sample expiration date and stock availability. Stockroom life is made easy by Inventory’s tracking, purchasing, and shipping abilities.

PMF – Scilligence’s Project Management Framework (PMF) keeps track of project timelines and tasks. This facilitates delivery of projects to clients in timely fashion. The implemented tools allow you to highlight issues related to projects and find solutions collaboratively. A workflow can be defined within the PMF to streamline processes for a research group, project, or a drug discovery program. PMF’s CRM module helps in managing clients in an orderly manner and controlling costs to ensure profitability.

Scilligence SDMS – Scilligence’s Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) provides a centralized and regulated platform for document management. It comes with Scilligence’s powerful data mining capabilities including search by chemical structures, reactions, biosequences, and keywords. It can be integrated with a variety of instruments/equipment to retrieve output data files and extract metadata automatically.

TouchMol4Office and MedChem Suite – CROs/CMOs can write and edit reports in all their favorite Microsoft Office programs with TouchMol4Office! Drug discovery groups will have extra leverage of using this platform’s SAR module. By setting profile for a scaffold with auto-extraction of R-Groups, this software makes it easier to find the next lead candidate. TouchMol4Office’s project-based templates in Excel help organize the data productively.