Scilligence 6.6 Release Notes

Scilligence ELN 6.6.0

Shared Notebooks
- Users can share notebooks like co-authored experiments
- Owner can rename a shared notebook
- Improved Formulation Templates

Improved HELM functionality
- Support HELM repeating units
- Able to expand HELM nodes
- Improved HELM monomer replacement

Summary of plate experiments details
- Thumbnail for plate map
- Display number of assay plates and compounds
- Display submitted assay results

Improved audit trail
- Changes to experiment and notebook names tracked
- All witnesses included in experiment export

Fixed MF/MW calculations
- Small Library form automatically calculates
- MF updates correctly when structure changes and salt remains

User functionalities
- Ability to batch export user information
- No refresh needed when adding users, appear automatically in UI
- Improved re-fitting of QC Curve data in the Dose Response Form

Scilligence Inventory 6.6.0

CAS Integration and Improvements
- Name to structure using CAS
- Automatic CAS and structure generation
- Up to date CAS Registration numbers
- Search structures via with CAS

Bulk Import
- Automatic CAS lookup during bulk import
- User experience improvements
- Ability to create new locations during bulk import

New Role – Purchase Stockroom
- Restricted role that can import product/lots/contains and change container location
- Role cannot modify in stock products

Access control
- New customization functions such as restriction based on site and department

Compound management
- Increased search controlImproved search display

Scilligence PMF 6.6.0
- Improved CED Editing
- Improved Gantt Charts
- Improved Project Member Management

Scilligence Focus 6.6.0
- Ability to Synchronize RegMol Assays and Projects
- Ability to Upload Data Using Files
- Improved Filtering
- Improved Sorting for Multiple Fields
- Improved SAR Analysis
- Improved Charting
- Ability to Download Data

Scilligence 6.5 Release Notes

ELN 6.5

  1. Shared notebook feature allows project members to create experiments and collaborate in a single notebook.

RegMol 6.5

  1. Improved API Key management allows customers to use RESTful APIs more easily and securely.
  2. Batch Explorer UI has been improved with pagination and more options for sorting and filtering data.
  3. Cart feature has access to many more data fields and enable better configuration/customization of data table for exportation into SDF, Excel, or csv.

Inventory 6.5

  1. Bulk import or update location function allows users to easily configure their location tree by importing an Excel file as well as make changes to existing location trees.
  2. Improved access control logic and documentation for management and customization of user roles.
  3. New plate history tracking allows users to record an audit trail for assay plate
  4. Improved compound management with plate scanner allows users to automatically create changes and calculations within a plate.
  5. Users now have the ability to change a location and sub-location so that containers can no longer be added to full locations.

PMF 6.5

  1. Improved Gantt chart for managing tasks and actions
  2. Multiple users can now edit large documents simultaneously with new Collaborate Editing Document (CED) feature
  3. Copy and download options added to projects and tasks for more flexibility

All Modules

  1. Updated JavaScript PDF viewer allows more flexibility for previewing experiments and documents
  2. Improved API Key management allows customers to use RESTful APIs more easily and securely.