Elevate your research with the Scilligence FOCUS module, which provides an intuitive and interactive solution for streamlined chemical and biological data analysis. The FOCUS module utilizes an adaptable framework that helps for quick identification of lead molecules. This allows FOCUS to help accelerate drug discovery by helping research teams to collaborate efficiently and make informed decisions.

Intuitive Data Analysis

FOCUS allows users to analyze complex sets of chemistry and biology data interactively, identify lead molecules, visualize gaps in Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR), and accelerate drug discovery.

Data import and Charting

Within FOCUS, users can effortlessly import data from files, expanding the range of data sources you can utilize. Visualize chemical and biological data with chemically-aware charting and graphing tools, gaining a deeper understanding of your research.

Collaboration and Security

Collaborate securely in real-time, share findings, and maintain data integrity with robust security and compliance features. FOCUS ensures data privacy and regulatory compliance, while its adaptable framework allows for quick identification of lead molecules, gaps in SAR, and pathways for accelerating drug discovery and research.

 Seamless Data Integration

FOCUS is fully integrated with the rest of the Scilligence suite, allowing users to centralize chemical structures, biological assays, and experimental results from various sources, enabling easy access and unified analysis. FOCUS effortlessly brings together diverse data types, simplifying data management and facilitating cross-functional collaboration among research teams.