Products such as Scilligence ELN, Scilligence Inventory, RegMol, TouchMol4Office, and JSDraw make life within the biology and chemistry laboratories easy for students and teachers alike.

Scilligence ELN – Universities will be organized, collaborative, and save time with our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)! ELN has built-in search functions so students won’t be reinventing the wheel or digging for someone’s old research notes. Teaching Assistants will enjoy ease of tracking and grading projects. Our ELN allows collaboration between industry and academia so universities can expand their research across groups and the globe.

RegMol – RegMol allows universities doing drug discovery research to collaborate with Industry, keep track of intellectual property, and use a unique molecular identifier along with capturing all related biological data and other analytical results. RegMol’s careful analysis of data helps project progress in a more structured and streamlined fashion.

Scilligence Inventory – Our Inventory system is perfect for universities on a budget. Inventory’s platform will keep track of hazardous materials and ensure student safety. Inventory’s tracking, purchasing, and shipping abilities will make university stockroom processes simple.

TouchMol4Office – Students can now write and edit reports in all their favorite Microsoft Office programs! TouchMol4Office allows the production of slides on the go, includes chemical and biologic entities within documents, and calculates basic properties in just a few simple clicks – that means students can easily find all the properties of their favorite molecule, Caffeine!

JSDraw – Universities can use this web-based structure editor to build online courses for chemistry. Students can get familiar with tools for industry early! This powerful tool allows users to draw chemical and biological structures.