Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

Integrated informatics platform including Scilligence products such as Scilligence ELN, Scilligence Inventory, RegMol, PMF, Scilligence SDMS, TouchMol4Office, and MedChem Suite empower pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry to capture data and manage workflow efficiently, track tasks and projects timely, and manage materials in a cost-efficient manner. All Scilligence informatics products come with Chrawler, our advanced data-mining engine for unstructured data.

Scilligence ELN – Any and all scientists, including chemists and biologists can diligently store and search intellectual property, including experiments and all related data with ease in an electronic web-based format. The ability to capture data helps vital projects progress efficiently using Scilligence Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). Our ELN helps pharma and biotech collaborate and connect with external partners and CROs in real time. ELN can be seamlessly integrated, with one click, to our registration system and assay database (RegMol), Inventory, and other functional modules in our integrated platform.

RegMol – All synthesized compounds and other chemical and biological entities can be assigned a unique identifier (along with aliases for external partners and CROs) with the help of our state-of-the-art registration platform, RegMol. Once assigned a unique identifier, RegMol’s second module can capture all related biological data and other analytical results. Companies can thus look up and evaluate drug candidates based on assay protocol or project. RegMol’s data analysis tools further facilitate data-driven discovery.

Scilligence Inventory – Scilligence’s intricate, user-friendly, and web-based Inventory system keeps track of proprietary and purchased chemicals and biological materials at a product, lot and package level. The hierarchical location management system keeps everything organized, helping in proper stocking and resulting in less waste. This system helps in creating a safer environment and significant cost saving.

PMF – Scilligence’s Project Management Framework (PMF) keeps track of project tasks, timelines, documents and emails internally, domestically, and internationally. Our PMF tools allow users to highlight issues related to a project and collaborate to find solutions. PMF’s powerful workflow engine streamlines processes and data exchange in R&D and production environments. Flexible CRM module in PMF provides end-to-end client relationship management and cost control to ensure successful project delivery and profitability.

Scilligence SDMS – Scilligence’s Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) provides a centralized and regulated platform for document management. It comes with Scilligence’s powerful data mining capabilities including search by chemical structures, reactions, biosequences, and keywords. It can be integrated with a variety of instruments/equipment to retrieve output data files and extract metadata automatically.

TouchMol4Office and MedChem Suite – TouchMol4Office enables chemical and biological intelligence in Microsoft Office. Project-based templates in Excel help organize data productively with optional calculation of in-silico properties. TouchMol4Office can be linked with internal and external databases to retrieve structures/reactions, bioassay data and other vital information. A special module, MedChem Suite is designed to manage and analyze large data sets. The SAR Analyzer module further aids in the extraction of R-Groups, making it easier for scientists to visualize structure-activity-relationship and to identify gaps in any chemical series.

Chrawler – Chrawler is our advanced indexing and search engine for unstructured data such as Office documents, chemical files, pdf, and image files. It enables a federated search of chemical structures and reactions across various data sources in an enterprise environment.

Focus – Focus is our web-based data visualization tool designed to help filter and analyze complex sets of chemistry and biology data. Focus integrates with RegMol data sets, and it can import data from external sources. Our SAR analyzer feature allows for easy R-Group decomposition, and our visualization tools help users sort and filter data with a variety of charting types.

*All Scilligence informatics products perform robustly individually and can be easily integrated according to customer’s requirements.