Cross-Platform Registration & Assay Database for Biologics, Small Molecules, and Conjugates



  • Register small molecules, biologics, and conjugates including ADCs in single and/or batch mode
  • Generate corporate IDs and aliases with full uniqueness check
  • Manage assay protocols, upload data in a batch format via SD or Excel files
  • View data by a molecular entity, project, and/or protocol
  • Create your own view to further mine and filter data
  • Analyze data via various inbuilt tools
  • Manage an intelligent network of relationships between registration records
  • Cross-platform, multiple browsers supported, mobile-friendly and touch optimized
  • Easy to deploy: No software installation required
  • Supports HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) monomer management and sketching


RegMol is a web-based registration database and assay data repository for small molecules, biologics, and conjugates. Some of RegMol’s many offerings include a powerful structure and bio-sequence search, batch registration, assay protocol management, and data mining analytics. RegMol’s comprehensive and easy-to-deploy platform empowers centralized data management and collaborations for life science research and development.

Major Features

  • Molecular ID and barcode system
  • Create custom views, filters, and graphs to analyze data
  • Batch upload/registration
  • Analyze by molecule, project, or assay
  • Create aliases for external collaborators


  • Analyzes assay data in one place
  • Handles large molecules
  • Batch registration of molecular entities
  • Analyzes large data sets
  • Web-based, java-free, and mobile-friendly application
  • Helps in collecting data and rendering reports for ROIs and IDPs

Deployment Options and Migration

Scilligence RegMol can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud. Our team has experience migrating data from all major solution providers. Multiple cloud options and central data center options are available. It is easy to switch from cloud deployment to on-premise and vice-versa.

Security Features

  • Each installation and deployment is a separate instance
  • Secure and encrypted web link via https channel
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Strong passwords enforced
  • IP address can be restricted
  • Added VPN security for on-premise deployment

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