Access your ELN directly in MS Office applications. Input and update data using Word and Excel. 

TouchMol4Office: Microsoft Office Plug-in Enabling Chemistry and Biology Functions


  • Plug-in for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • Interfaces Internal and External Databases
  • Input and Edit Chemical Structures and Biologics


TouchMol4Office enables cheminformatics and bioinformatics in Microsoft Office and serves as a comprehensive platform for interfacing with internal and external databases. This set of add-ins for applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote provides powerful structure search capabilities and advanced informatics for biologics and conjugates.

Major Features

  • Input and edit live structures
  • Import large SD and CSV files
  • Calculate molecular and in-silico properties of various compounds
  • Connect to public databases like PubChem Patent, PubMed, and more
  • Handle ChemDraw files and convert structures back to ChemDraw format for ease of publication
  • TouchMol table handles large datasets for HTS screening
  • TouchMol table handles large datasets for HTS screening
  • Generate IUPAC or compound profile


  • Ability to configure project sheets in Excel
  • Input and edit structures on the go
  • Avoid application crashing while uploading large datasets
  • Easily access your data with a click
  • Substructure filtering of compounds

MedChem Suite

ToucMol4Office Module: SAR Analysis and Visualization for Medicinal Chemists
MedChem Suite is an advanced module in TouchMol4Office for medicinal chemists to view and analyze chemical and biological data. The SAR Analyzer module automatically extracts R-Groups from chemical scaffolds. SAR trend and gap can be easily identified by intuitive visual analysis using Radar Charts. Visualization is used to view and mine large-scale research data.

Quick Look At TouchMol4Office (Video)

Versions and Features

TouchMol4Office comes in Standard, Pro, and Ultra versions:

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