About Scilligence

Welcome to Scilligence, where innovation meets informatics to unlock the full potential of scientific research. Our mission is to empower organizations across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, academia, and government agencies with cutting-edge solutions that streamline R&D processes, drive innovation, and pave the way for scientific discoveries. At Scilligence, we provide a versatile and tailored platform built on our proprietary informatics tools designed to foster collaboration, boost productivity, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and ensure robust compliance and data security.

What Our Icon Stands For:

Strength. Patience. Innovation. Growth. Our logo signifies these brand values. The symbol was borne of the amalgamation of critical, defining components of Scilligence. So what differentiates Scilligence from the rest? The single-platform solution for cheminformatics, represented by the cyclohexane, and bioinformatics, represented by the alphahelix.

However, not only defined by their scientific capabilities, Scilligence platforms are built to enable internal collaboration, information exchange, and innovation. The slicing component symbolizes these action-based items. This emblem now rests within Scilligence: a reminder to all of the possibilities brought by a little patience, ideation, and coalition.