Research Hospitals & Institutes

Products such as Scilligence ELN, RegMol, Scilligence Inventory, Scilligence SDMS and PMF allow hospitals and research institutes to track and keep records organized and expand research.

Scilligence ELN – Research Hospitals will be organized, collaborative, and save time with our web-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)! Search functions allow users to track research data quickly and expand research and drug discovery with collaboration tools.

RegMol – Keep track of intellectual property, collaborate, and capture data with RegMol. Careful analysis of data helps project progression in a more structured and streamlined fashion.

Scilligence Inventory – Keep track of biological entities like sample plates, proteins, genes, and various others with our Inventory system. Scilligence Inventory can be configured to keep track of all research materials by giving a unique identifier to each sample. Inventory’s tracking, purchasing, and shipping abilities make stockroom life easier.

PMF – Scilligence’s Project Management Framework (PMF) keeps track of project tasks, timelines, documents, and emails. Our PMF tools allow users to highlight issues related to a project and collaborate to find solutions. PMF’s powerful workflow engine streamlines processes and data exchange in medical research.

Touchmol4Office – TouchMol4Office is a special plug-in for Microsoft Office that helps processing and analyzing hundreds and thousands of compounds for bioassays. Search and filtering functions empower users to find lead candidates for drug discovery.