Scilligence partners with to co-develop ELN-based data integration

June 13th, 2022

Chemical.AI-Scilligence Launched their Strategic Cooperation to Co-develop ELN-based Data Integration

Chemical.AI, a high-tech company empowering chemistry with AI and ML, announced a strategic partnership with Scilligence, a web-based informatics solution provider for R&D. The two parties will co-develop high-efficiency data integration on Scilligence’s ELN with Chemical.AI’s leading AI-empowered route design systems (Retrosynthesis, forward synthesis, synthetic accessibility score, etc.), in a bid to enable Scilligence’s ELN users to search and utilize the data in their ELNs and molecular building block libraries with Chemical.AI’s route design systems.

Organic synthesis plays a key role in the R&D fields of pharmaceuticals, new materials, chemicals and other related industries. In the past, because of the diversity and complexity of organic reactions, the efficiency of organic synthesis strongly relied on chemists’ knowledge and expertise which is difficult to improve. Chemical.AI’s unique AI-aided route design systems can provide chemists with novel, feasible, and diversified synthetic routes. By helping them search and reuse internal data and experiences, such as ELNs and BB libraries, chemists can save their exploration time and broaden their skill-set. Scilligence’s ELN aimes to significantly strengthen internal teamwork, knowledge sharing, and information management of pharmaceutical enterprises and enhance their R&D outputs. The data integration of Chemical.AI’s route design systems into Scilligence’s ELN will significantly enhance the R&D efficiency of organic synthesis and its related industries.

“Nowadays, AI has gradually penetrated  nearly every field of our lives and work, and computer application programs based on big data and artificial intelligence are starting to show great potential in assisting researchers in chemical synthesis route design.” Said Dr. Ning Xia, founder and CEO of Chemical.AI, “We are pleased to collaborate with Scilligence to develop ELN-based data integration to leverage our respective strengths to further advance data reuse, knowledge sharing, and research innovation, accelerate the application of data integration in the pharmaceutical R&D process and realize win-win cooperation.”

“Only by leveraging the most cutting-edge and practical informatics research and development can we effectively promote scientific output in the biomedical field. We hope to have more opportunities to integrate our solutions more deeply into user workflows to enhance the efficiency of scientific research activities. Scilligence is pleased to collaborate deeply with Chemical.AI in data integration based on ELN to automate, accelerate and intelligentize chemical synthesis and drug R&D.” Said Jinbo Lee, CEO of Scilligence.

About Chemical.AI

Chemical.AI, an R&D technology company empowering chemistry with AI that uses artificial intelligence technology, chemical big data and machine learning to develop toolkit that dramatically improves the efficiency of chemical research, is committed to building an intelligent planning platform for compounds to reshape the future of chemistry.

Chemical.AI was founded in Wuhan in 2018, and its subsidiary, Shanghai Chemiscal Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, aiming to provide intelligent and automotive synthesis service. Chemical.AI’s team consists of cheminformatics specialists, chemical synthesis experts and talented IT professionals. Up to now, Chemical.AI has successfully provided technical services for many famous pharmaceutical companies and CROs at home and abroad, and has launched in-depth cooperation in the directions of synthetic route design, process route design, synthetic service, etc.

About Scilligence

Scilligence is an innovation leader of web-based cheminformatics and bioinformatics solutions for life sciences R&D. The Scilligence system is built with proprietary technologies to support both biologics and small molecules in a unified platform, making it a flexible solution for a variety of research workflows. Scilligence’s informatics solutions include a variety of modules for data management that can be utilized as separate applications or as a fully integrated system. Its tools have been widely adopted by pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries, universities, research institutes, and government agencies. Scilligence is the developer of the HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) Web Editor which works to further standardize HELM notation and facilitate the exchange of information between researchers.