Scilligence Launches New Brand Identity

August 11, 2016

If you are in the pharma and biotech industry, you have probably heard of the up and coming startup that provides scientists and researchers with integrated informatics platforms that facilitate collaboration and address knowledge, project, workflow and material management. Scilligence has seen some impressive growth since its start in 2010 with wide adoption of its informatics solutions by pharma, biotech, and chemical companies; government agencies; research institutes; hospitals; and universities. After experiencing ample expansion, Scilligence decided it was time to revamp their brand and logo.

The Scilligence name, is a combination of the words “Science” and “Intelligence”. The new logo needed to capture these two aspects so you could see them as separate entities but also working together. The new logo (right) is much more modern and less mechanical than the old one (left). The color palette was chosen to display Scilligence’s creative, collaborative side (yellow) and its sophisticated, intellectual side (purple). The lightbulb image contains a DNA helix and a small molecule to signify Scilligence’s biggest accomplishment: the first to develop informatics platform that bridged small molecules and biologics. The logo and new brand showcase what differentiates Scilligence from its competitors and the bright future ahead for the company.

To learn more about Scilligence please visit the newly designed and user-friendly site: Scilligence is currently offering TouchMol4Office (Microsoft Office add-in that enables cheminformatics and bioinformatics) free for academia!