Scilligence Insights: Evolving our Software

February 8th, 2024

At Scilligence, we have spent the last year exploring various avenues to enhance our scientific software. Using a three-pronged approach, we are committed to providing the tools necessary to optimize R&D workflows:

Partnerships for Expansion and Integration:

  • Currently partnered with CAS, Certara 360,, Tetrascience, and Zifo.
  • Partnerships facilitate product expansion and integration by aligning business needs and workflows.

Features Development and Modality Enhancement:

  • Constantly developing new features and improving existing ones based on user feedback.
  • Unique capability to handle diverse modalities: small molecules, biologics, antibody drug conjugates, PROTACs, lipid nanoparticles, etc.
  • Focus on improving capabilities and workflows for each modality.

Customer-Centric Focus and Researcher Workflow Improvements:

  • Our strengths lie in a customer-centric approach, adapting and customizing to unique workflows.
  • Emphasis on quality of life improvements to make daily software use a pleasurable and productive experience.
  • Improvements to our roadmap process.

Key Features and Future Plans:

Version 7 Upgrade (October 2022):

  • New look and enhanced UI/UX.
  • Focused on functionalities for core products: Scilligence ELN, RegMol, and Inventory.

Version 7.2 (January 2024):

  • Further UIUX enhancements : improvements to existing modalities, templates and privileges to enhance end-user experience.
  • Streamlining of dataflow between Registration and Inventory Modules

Version 7.3 (Mid-2024) and beyond:

  • Introduction of a complete lipid nanoparticle (LNP) workflow across Scilligence ELN, RegMol, and Inventory including LNP design in ELN and RegMol, registration, capturing assay data, capturing containers, and tracking stability
  • Introduction of a formulations workflow across apps 
  • Conjugation form improvements in ELN. Includes conjugate builder function to build conjugates with registered entities, relationship registration, , and simplified customization process
  • Improvements in data capture flexibility using Microsoft Office in-place editing and reusable Flex forms.
  • Introduction of new biologically focused capabilities to ELN, including sequence display and manipulation, blast search, and sequence alignment.
  • Removal of XML layer for improved performance

As we embark on this journey of continuous improvement, Scilligence remains dedicated to providing solutions that streamline R&D processes, and drive innovation. 

Stay tuned for more updates!