Scilligence 6.6 Release Notes

Scilligence ELN 6.6.0

  1. Shared Notebooks
    1. Users can share notebooks like co-authored experimentsOwner can rename a shared notebook
    Improved Formulation TemplatesImproved HELM functionality
    1. Support HELM repeating unitsAble to expand HELM nodesImproved HELM monomer replacement
    Summary of plate experiments details
    1. Thumbnail for plate mapDisplay number of assay plates and compoundsDisplay submitted assay results
    Improved audit trail
    1. Changes to experiment and notebook names trackedAll witnesses included in experiment export
    Fixed MF/MW calculations
    1. Small Library form automatically calculatesMF updates correctly when structure changes and salt remains
    User functionalities
    1. Ability to batch export user informationNo refresh needed when add users, appear automatically in UI
    Improved re-fitting of QC Curve data in the Dose Response Form
  2. Scilligence Inventory 6.6.0
  3. CAS Integration and Improvements
    1. Name to structure using CASAutomatic CAS and structure generationUp to date CAS Registration numbersSearch structures via with CAS
    Bulk Import
    1. Automatic CAS lookup during bulk importUser experience improvementsAbility to create new locations during bulk import
    New Role – Purchase Stockroom
    1. Restricted role that can import product/lots/contains and change container locationRole cannot modify in stock products
    Access control
    1. New customization functions such as restriction based on site and department
    Compound management
    1. Increased search controlImproved search display
  4. Scilligence PMF 6.6.0
  5. Improved CED EditingImproved Gantt ChartsImproved Project Member Management
  6. Scilligence Focus 6.6.0
  7. Ability to Synchronize RegMol Assays and ProjectsAbility to Upload Data Using FilesImproved FilteringImproved Sorting for Multiple FieldsImproved SAR AnalysisImproved ChartingAbility to Download Data