RegMol 7.2 External Release Notes

March 15th, 2024

Assay Protocols and Views

  • Protocol columns (admin feature): Can use a dictionary list for the items list when using select column type
  • In Add Assay Results page: The ability to Hide Blank columns in this page can be added with a configuration
  • Protocol columns (admin feature): The Assigned Protocols column has been moved to a child table to improve the usability and space management of this table
  • Assay View function change: When using the Download All function to download assay view results to CSV or SDF, the user must click the save button first to save the assay view
  • Assay View: removed limitation on upload of more than 1000 entities

Cross-application Integration

  • Registration and Inventory database and GUI alignment: Registered entities in RegMol and the corresponding Products, Lots and Containers in Inventory are synchronized.
  • Swagger page/API key additions and general improvements
    • Plate Maps list and save
    • Parent check will recognize invalid structures and return a message


  • Improved messaging:
    • In an integrated system (ELN or Inventory integrated with RegMol) if a user or project does not match in one of the apps, the pop-up message will indicate which app is causing the permission block when pushing entity information
  • Improvements to language detection:
    • The system can now recognize an Entity Type if written in Chinese characters
    • Improvements to Chinese and Korean characters display in CSV downloads from the Cart page
  • In the RegMol Cart Parent and Batch ID's are now clickable links to the entity page
  • General text visualization improvements when using Dark Mode
  • Admin Feature: A full-screen option is added to Structure Editor in the Update Structure/Sequence dialog to allow better visualization of larger sequences/structures
  • The structure views are harmonized across RegMol for example in the Cart page and Project Portal structure images will display as the same size
  • Parent Entities MW column: Improvements to MW display so that the numbers are now right justified
  • UI clean up
    • Removed unnecessary icons
    • Replaced grid filters with column sort

Search and Explorer

  • Improvements made for:
    • Query speed
    • Standardizing Search types e.g., adding atom level search to Advanced Search

HELM and Enumeration

  • Improved messaging for denoting special characters in HELM monomer symbols

Entity Types


  • Streamlined entity forms by removing unnecessary fields
  • Bulk upload improvements by aligning Single and Bulk Registration mapping fields
  • Informational messaging improvements for ADC component connection registration process
  • Provided capability to register No-Structure ADCs. Three use cases:
    • No Structure at all
    • No Sequence Antibody
    • No Payload Structure


  • Translate and display the amino acid sequence of a highlighted coding region of DNA entry


  • Added the ability to update a parent sequence using the Admin> Data Management> Update Structure/Sequence


  • Added more size unit options for containers
  • Parent Explorer page: Ability to add Custom Column filtering (with configuration)
  • Registration Form UIUX: For an existing compound having an External ID, the External ID field is empty on the registration form when creating a new batch
  • Registration UIUX improvement: When sorting by Parent under the Project Portal user can choose to show only parent entities (with configuration)
  • Added the ability to allow RegMol users with Manager privilege to edit an entity registered by another user