RegMol 7.1.0 External Release Notes

March 11th, 2024

UI/UX Improvements

  • Improvements to drawing editor icon display
  • Added tool tips to peptide enumeration function for improved usability

Assay Protocols and Views

  • Assay Views: Improvements to result sorting order and consistency in downloads
  • Added Assay view ability to show residual standard deviation (RSD %) values alongside average of IC50 assay results
  • Added Assay Protocol ability to show other values of Inhibitory Concentration (IC) along with IC50 in the same assay protocol
  • Assay Protocol: Added Next and Previous buttons to improve navigating between individual data results

Cross-Application Integration

  • Improvements to database data storage and access for data push from ELN to RegMol
  • Improvements to database data storage and access for data pull from RegMol to Focus

Registration Improvements

  • On parent and batch registration pages, added configuration options for hiding and adding features
  • Improvements to Parent attachment table data capture and storage
  • Improvements to the default uniqueness check for entities with form types that do not use a drawing editor
  • Improvements in audit trail information capture in entity history
  • Improvements to the data capture and display for SDF file entity headers when downloaded to SDF file
  • Improvements to information message error notification when registering an entity batch to a different entity type than the existing parent, the message will include the existing parent type and ID
  • Added rule for stripping solvates for entity registration and bulk upload
  • Added check parent function for protein sequence in bulk register
  • Information message improvements when inadvertently mapping the same field twice in bulk upload
  • Added feature to allow a user other than owner or admin to edit an entity batch
  • Improvements to parent synonym data capture using bulk update
  • Added feature to allow an entity registered from ELN to be edited in RegMol by any coauthor of the ELN experiment
  • Improvements to information message during bulk register mapping if two columns are being mapped to the same field in error
  • Added ability for a zero solvate ratio for capturing trace or unknown amounts of solvate
  • Improvements to process for adding custom fields

Search and Explorer

  • Added display of Parent Name to the Parent Explorer page
  • Improved usability in advanced search results where hovering over entity type icon will display the name of the entity
  • Improved search performance by allowing exact match for parent or entity ID
  • Improved stereochemistry structure search by using Cahn–Ingold–Prelog (CIP) priority system designations