Inventory 7.2.0 External Release Notes

March 11th, 2024


  • Location types are now dictionary defined and can be editable for admins from the settings menu.
  • Location changes can be reverted.
  • UIUX improvements to Location tree display (OK Button).
  • Location Page should only show containers with location (when clicking root location).

Products, Lots, and Containers

  • Added expired days filter on lot level.
  • Low amount indicator on locations page now supports mass units.
  • Streamlined Plasmid form, removing unnecessary fields.
  • Improved messaging to indicate when there is insufficient quantity to perform a split
  • Allow multiple packages in one grid cell location.
  • SDS field changed to upload file type by default.
  • Chemical Lab Safety link can be enabled on request with a configuration.


  • Added workflow counts indicator.


  • First row in containers table is automatically selected if there is only one item.
  • Show Progress animation on Container table in all pages besides Products page.


  • RegMol and Inventory integration improvements- Actions in one app are mirrored in the other.
  • History pulls from RegMol to Inventory when apps are integrated.