Scilligence CSM

Web-based System to Manage Clinical Samples


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  • Records receipt, location, status, and shipment of samples
  • Trial, specimen, and subject management
  • Manage Sample Locations and transport
  • Manage subject consent
  • Efficiently track samples and create reports
  • Cross-platform, multiple browsers supported, mobile-friendly and touch optimized
  • Easy to deploy: No software installation required



Scilligence Clinical Sample Management (CSM) provides a web-based, customizable system for tracking clinical samples and associated data. Advanced location and shipment management capabilities provide a detailed audit history. Users can easily search and organize cohort and sample data with advanced data mining and analytic tools. Samples can be tracked effortlessly using a barcode system on any device. CSM can be easily integrated with PMF for workflow management and creation.

Major Features

  • Search samples and generate exportable spreadsheets
  • Every sample and location is assigned a unique barcode
  • Efficient in maintaining GCP compliance
  • Detailed audit history for patient, sample and shipment data


  • If a patient withdraws consent, samples are electronically locked from use
  • Each shipment record has an attached Chain of Custody form
  • Standardizes process across clinical trials
  • Column mapping makes entering patient and sample information from Excel easy
  • Web-based, java-free, and mobile-friendly application

Deployment Options and Migration

Scilligence CSM can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud. Our team has experience migrating data from all major solution providers. Multiple cloud options and central data center options are available. It is easy to switch from cloud deployment to on-premise and vice-versa.

Security Features

  • Each installation and deployment is a separate instance
  • Secure and encrypted web link via https channel
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Strong passwords enforced
  • IP address can be restricted
  • Added VPN security for on-premise deployment

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Release Notes

Webinars: Email [email protected] for access