ELN 7.2 External Release Notes

March 15th, 2024


  • Admin level Instruments page and the Materials page: The count function is optimized
  • Additional API documentation added to Swagger page
  • Added ability to use special characters (@, #, &, etc.) in Project names
  • Improvements in Project Shared Folder functionality


  • The layout of pages with navigation trees is enhanced by aligning tree and table headers
  • Improvements in the readability of Information and Error messages
  • The placement of menus and dropdown menus will auto adjust to the screen space
  • Improvements to page navigation by scroll bar
  • Improvements to table filtering options
  • Improvements to Small Card view on Main page
  • Improvements in ELN labels translation to Chinese characters
  • General icon fixes


  • Improvements to the Choose Availability connection between SSR form and Inventory
  • Single Dose Screening form: Improvements to Plate naming in ELN form and name tracking in RegMol Assay database


  • Enhanced login functionality for users with multiple accounts on page time-out
  • The Copy Experiment icon in the Main List page can be hidden (with addition of a configuration key) upon request
  • Project security is added by default for Co-Author feature

Experimental Templates

  • My Reagents feature improvements: can process and display larger Macromolecules and Polymers
  • Protein Expression: improved disulfide bond addition and display
  • Weigh Station connection improvements
  • In pre-formatted text Free-Form templates, the option to clear text  in “yellow text” area has been enabled
  • Time stamp added to experiment creation date
  • Decimal points for density calculation can be adjusted
  • Single Step Reaction: Can now capture temperature and time ranges in procedures 
  • Flex form: Table of contents added
  • Added Audit Trail information to PDF downloads
  • In text areas where checkboxes are added, a preferred checkbox indicator can be customized


  • Improvements to searching within nested experiments for non-admin users
  • Added ability for searching titles with special characters
  • Improvements to Fuzzy search capabilities
  • Improvements for searching with Chinese characters