Clinical Sample Management provides a web-based, customizable system for tracking clinical samples and associated data. Advanced location and shipment management capabilities provide a detailed audit history. Users can easily search and organize cohort and sample data with advanced data mining and analytic tools. Samples can be tracked effortlessly using a barcode system on any device. Scilligence CSM can be easily integrated with PMF for workflow management and creation. Scilligence CSM is built to be efficient, user-friendly, and GCP Compliant.

Scilligence CSM has the following features:

Trials and Subject Management

  • Easily view samples associated with each trial and subject
  • Manage subject consent
    -Samples are automatically locked if withdrawn

Sample Management

  • Samples are easily searchable
    -Filter and sort samples
  • Exportable statistics for sample inventory
  • Exportable, detailed audit trail for each sample
  • Sample tracking using barcode system
    -Ability to print custom designs
    Configurable workflows

Location and Shipment Management

  • Location tracking using barcode system
    -Detailed location structure, down to sample locations in boxes/slide boxes
  • Shipments record vendor information and automatically update sample locations
  • Exportable, detailed audit trail for each shipment

Batch Import/Update

  • Easily import or update Patients and Samples from different file types
    -Built-in column mapping



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