Registration 1.1.1 Release 

Monday, April 09, 2012 1:00:00 PM

Registration is compound registration and assay database system, enabling scientists to register and track small-molecule, biologics and biological conjugates, storing and retreiving biological assay data.

Registration 1.1.1 includes following improvements and changes:

  1. Show compounds most-recent first
  2. Fix Bug: Viewer can submit data to project
  3. Be able to import data from Excel and CSV files
  4. Be able to export assay data as Excel and SDF files
  5. Compound sheet printing mode
  6. Be able to indicate project in Compound ID
  7. Use compound ID paterns to retrieve a list of compounds
  8. Be able to set required fields
  9. Be able to view all assay numbers instead of average number
  10. Fix Bug: cannot delete assay views
  11. Error message when deleting users.
  12. Printing Barcode
  13. Searching Barcode

Please contact us for demo and evaluation.

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