JSDraw2 New Lookings 

Sunday, April 08, 2012 1:50:00 PM

JSDraw2 interface is changed a lot to fit the touch user experience:

  1. The default button sizes are much bigger for fingers to touch
  2. For smaller screen size, the toolbar buttons are smartly grouped and shrinked.  So even for phone screens, the JSDraw toobar is much easier to use
  3. Zooming, moving, rotating and undo/redo gestures are fully implemented
  4. Windows 8 is coming.  JSDraw2 development team has done a lot work on the new platform by working closely with Microsoft team.  JSDraw2 interface is slightly different from other platform in order to fit the general Windows 8 looking and feeling.

JSDraw2 IE Looking:

JSDraw2 none-IE Looking:

JSDraw2 Classic Looking:

JSDraw2 on Phones:

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