JSDraw2 Beta Private Release 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 8:52:00 AM


We are proud to announce JSDraw2 Beta.  Based on JSDraw1, JSDraw2 builds with many new features, including:


  1. Touch gestures, including moving, zooming, rotating, and undo/redo: http://www.scilligence.com/web/jsdraw2-gestures.aspx
  2. Renovated toolbars.  The toolbar buttons can automatically be combined to fit the screen sized.  This features required skin=’w8’ parameter when creating JSDraw Editor.  http://www.scilligence.com/web/jsdraw2-new-lookings.aspx
  3. Ink tools: http://www.scilligence.com/web/ink-tool-in-jsdraw2.aspx
  4. New namespace: JSDraw2.Editor = JSDraw, JSDraw2.Mol = JsMol, JSDraw2.Table = JsSDF

Since this is a private release, the download is not generally available to public.  Please contact us if you want to join our beta test program.

Please report bugs, ask questions, and send feedback by emailing us at beta@scilligence.com

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