Chrawler2.0 Preview (Updated) 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 9:17:00 PM

While our M&S team is cheering for the very successful BioIT event, our R&D team achieves another milestone on Chrawler development.  Chrawler 2.0 major features are finished today:

  1. Besides chemical structure and biological sequence search, Chrawler users will be able to do text search, and text-structure combined search as well.
  2. Users are able to use structure explorer to browse through all structures in a document
  3. Users  are able to preview document pages of the results structures
  4. Chemical structures in PDF and image files will be searchable
  5. Be able to do structure search on corporation Compound IDs

Chrawler 2.0 will be officially available early July.

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